Thursday, July 20, 2017

Attention San Antonio!

Cryptink arts!

Okay boys and girls today I want to present you some of the Radek Pierscinski works. That shy guy play in bands such as Neuropathia, Dead Goats and Meat Spreader and also he making some gloomy magic with paints. Here is few work of him... As you can see he working in pretty dark genre (like almost artists, hehe), and all his things he makes only with his ow hands (in good old way). By the way if you trying to find a good artist for your band or if you want to see more of Radek stuff, then you should to check Cryptink page.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Debute work from Terrorain!

Insufferable / Holy Grinder!

Here are two crazy noise bands from Canada and UK. Both of them know how to drill people's minds with noise. This harsh violence will be available in tape format pretty soon but you can listen the whole split HERE!

Good news from Thoracopagus Rec!

split Chemically Crippled / Haggus will be out soon!

Nice shirts from Maticrust!

Filipino crust barbarians released some nice shirts. So if you like it and you want to support this small diy band, you can order their stuff HERE!

Noise - Demo Tapes 1991-1995 LP (SPHC)

I`m sure that many of tje noise freaks were very excited when they heard news about this release. This LP is like one old time bomb which contains some pretty rare stuff (here you may find the first 5 demo tape of Noise the band). These tapes were released at the beginning of 90's , all of them were made in a totally diy way (self-recorded and self-released). Well in my opinion those early years were the dawn for many of the extreme and harsh genres, whether metal or noise, punk or grind. By the way one of the most active epicenters of the Noise infection was Brazil… 25 years ago there were a lot of great (unfortunately most of them pretty unknown) and powerful Noisecore bands. The Noise band (which is still alive) were especially good. I really like these short songs, they are simple, they are loud but not ugly and stupid at all… They immerse you into the atmosphere of underground madness. It's like I opened my own eyes and found myself in a painted old cellar, where among old car tires and mold are standing old musical equipment and guys are making some noises. Their noises are replete with aggressive energy and insanity. Bright drumming, raw guitar sounds (which are like one big dirty mess) and also those endless streams of screams and yelling. Strange but, all this obscurity has no boring effect, you will want to listen to this stuff again and again. And for the very end, here is few words about the technical side of this discography. All records were remastered, I think it's some kind of miracle that we managed to keep these records. The design of this LP is consistent of many old band photos and of demo tape covers (so everything looks very old). Rating: 8/10

You can buy this LP at SPHC records!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New album from Rabid Dogs is almost ready!

Sedem Minút Strachu / Paranoia (SSGC)

Finally I got this rare split (only 40 copies were made!) This yellow cassette definitely was made by barbarians for barbarians, hahaha! Joint work of these two bands, give birth to this extremely mad release. And today we are daring enough to listen this tape. From SMS side we have almost 5 minutes of good stoned noisecore. Slovakian trio act short, fast and dirty (like always, haha). And of course they perfectly know how to drill noise into people minds. Barked vocal work sounds ferocious, screams, yelling, roars... of course that shit is pretty foolish and full of fun but also it sound goods and cool. Violent rhythms, filthy blastbeats and tons of low bass guitar noises. These incomprehensible low frequencies will slowly destroy your mind… Unfortunately I can't say that this is a record of the ages for SMS, this material is definitely crazy, but not too brilliant.
Paranoia are an old crust/grind band which is based in Bandung (it`s in indonesia)... It's a rather old band and I've heard their stuff before and I cant say that I liked them too much. Middle tempo grind with strong punk line and dirty raw sound thats how they sound. But this recording session is something different, this is crazy raw noisecore. Their side full of improvisation and ferocity, mst of the songs sound pretty mudddy but among these blasting shots I find a good punk kick. Honestly to say for me it's the best that I've heard from these guys.
Rating: SMS 7/10 Paranoia 7.5/10

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rageous Intent - Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Rageous Intent is a very powerful band. This name is not new anymore, RxIx became famous for their brutal grind. They are invited to many festivals, and also they have good recording activity. So I guess that is the main reason why this release happened. Grindfather Productions & Encinta Grrr!!! put out this tape af all RxIx Material... Here you will find songs from the splits with Horsebastard, Greed, Alea Iacta Est, Crisischrist and Final Cunt. Visual side is just a collage combination of all their cover art they have and used (a simple idea but it looks nice). I must admit, these Spanish bastards know how to infect the listener’s mind with their music. Short buzzsaw grind riffs easily penetrate their way through the skull and then melt the brain. Harsh yelling vocals and fast blasting drums are soaking into the mind of the listener, subjugating him and turning it into faith of noise! In these songs I find some trace elements from crust, fastcore and some death metal and these things make RxIx more powerful. This is one of the important things that makes many of these songs memorable. Many of you will agree with me, that memorable music is pretty rare for our time (and it`s pretty bad). Rating: 8.5/10 Rageous Intent fb

You can buy this tape at Grindfather prod!

Sadist - LP is out now!

Horryfying and violent noisy d-beat hardcore punk act from Boston with members of G.A.S.H., Video Filth, Aspects of War, Human Bodies. To me its kind of mixture between anarchist/anti-war ideology of Crass, live violent actions of singer Ghost in the vein of GISM, industrial/harsh noise parts by Bombings and all these injected into good overfuzzed d-beat punk! This stuff is intense and forceful with buzzing riffs, thumping percussion and ferocious vocal howls. The LP includs their demo 1st time on vinyl and their following 7" which was remastered by Jack Control. You can order this suff at Regurgitated Semen Records! 

Split Last Days of Humanity and Satan's Revenge On Mankind!

This stuff will be released by Splatter Zombie Records!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

New album from crazy Atomck!

More info at Wooaaargh

Sex Prisoner and Extortion shirts!

Up for orders at Regurgitated Semen Records!

PowerXchuck / XabruptX

Fresh split, fresh review and one more noise attack for my neighbor, haha! This time it`s interesting fruit of friendship between PowerXchuck and XabruptX. Shit I'm almost sure that the author of this rad art is a big fan of the Alien movie and also he likes to smoke too. The mix of these two things you can see on the cover of this split. Noise creature from space, that is funny, weird and also looks cool 😉
First in line are PowerXchuck from sunny Australia. I know these guys wanted to make something ridiculous for this split.. For example stupid applause after every song. Guys did not invent anything new, the songs are short, yelling is loud... as for guitar, the riffs are nice (but they are not a good as the ones on their first release, for me this one is the worse their stuff), and the whole sound is a little bit dry. Unfortunately this time these guys are not my favorites for today...
Second in line are the duo from Chicago. If I understood correctly then this is a married couple (if not, I apologize) and this lovely pair plays something raw and harsh. This type of grindcore is so brutal, the noise is rich with barbaric power, low sound. Okay maybe this record is raw but it sounds really badass, it`s hard to believe how only two humans can play something like that. This dirty blend of guitar sound and blasting drums is a product of love of these two freaks.

Rating: PowerXchuck - 6.5 XabruptX – 8

You can buy this record at Mono Canibal rec!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Khmer & Teething on the road!

Visions Of War on tour!

Lycanthrophy / Chiens

Let's keep on digging into our collection from our Czech friends Dead Heroes Records. This time we will turn back the dial for a moment and make a review of the Lycanthrophy & Chiens split. I have no idea who Jubsss is but this guy definitely has a talent in drawing! Just look how interesting he represented different social diseases in just one picture. Here we've got the theme of rotten religion, worldwide conspiracy (I judge like this looking on the all-seeing eye), nazism and corruption.Very good work, at least the visual part of the release is worthy, hehe)) Czech guys Lycanthrophy surprised me a little bit (in a bad sense) that Zdíša (the most famous girl in the fastcore universe:)) ) didn't take part in recording this release. But as I know (this is not a fact) she was pregnant at the time and it isn't strange she is absent on the recording. But don't mind that. Even without Zdíša guys don't loose their force and their own style. Here we got the same insane Czech fastcore which blows the brain! As for me, the main Lycanthrophy feature, besides the female vocals, was the furious speed, and we have a lot of it there. French Grindcore always was someway different from the others. Especially in the guitar riffs. So Chiens sound different too. I can't say I enjoyed their sound but the material is great. I have specifically memorized that sharp guitar sound and various screaming vocals. And yes, it's hard to refresh after that furious outcome. There's a feeling like you're being punched by a muai-tai fighter. Rating: 8/10 Chiens fb Lycanthrophy fb

You can buy this split HERE!