Friday, November 17, 2017

Debut work from Melting Rot!

This tape released thru AxRxL

OBACHA - Discography (Knochentapes)

OBACHA was a bunch of psychos from British Columbia… Sad but they stopped writing and playing shows a few years ago. That was a really interesting band, with interesting music ideas and with raw sound. I think that German Knochentapes caught a good idea (about this discography) and then it was transformed into this tape. The whole tape looks pretty primitive and a little bit cheesy. I have no idea who the hell is depicted on this cover, but we all perfectly know that hardcore/pv bands love to pick up some random or not well known characters. There is about half an hour of sound, half an hour of pretty wild powerviolence. Oh, also I should admit that Canadian bands (almost) always have their own style; they stand out with interesting riffs, drum beats, strange vocal techniques or with sound. But let’s cut this shit off and lets listen to this tape… Hmm... first few tunes reminded me some of Haggus work (I guess it's because of these very first goofy drum beats), but then everything turns to some mad, dirty and chaotic aggression. I like the whole material, it's not brilliant but, still interesting. But I don’t like this raw and muddy sound and mastering… many of these songs sound like a mess. Also I can mention classic yelling pv style vocal and those high-frequency screams (they sound strange but good). Simple but nice guitar riffs don’t let you get bored (which is nice). In conclusion I can say, yes this tape is messy and noisy but, you should listen it at least one time. Rating: 7.5/10 Obacha bc

You can order this tape thru Knochentapes (Germany)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ape Unit/Horsebastard

This split was released earlier in 2017, and what an absolute monster it is! Italian simian madness Ape Unit wanted to join forces with the UK's finest Equestrian blast factory, and boy did they deliver! Just starting with the cover art alone you're immediately intrigued. Depicting a Half Horse Human Hybrid and a Chimpanzee at a table loaded with drugs,food and booze on a background of psychidelic colors and patterns. On to what we are really here for, the music! Starting with the superbly named Apey side of the split we are greeted with eerie riffs and pounding drums, only to have it shift pace 8 seconds later and turn into a groovy blastbeat party with strange riffs and menacing vocals to top it off. The onslaught only continues from here. With hilarious song titles like Herbalife After Death and, Between the Burger and Me. This raucous group of Ape loving fiends are sure to please! And of course who can forget Horsebastard? Starting up the horsey side we are greeted with a slowed down and distorted recording of what sounds like someone having really bad drug trip and freaking out. And then we get turned on our head and sandpaper crammed in our ears with the blistering fury of a 100 stallions. Delivering punishing blow after punishing blow, Horsebastard are relentless to say the absolute least. And much like their Italian counterparts in this release they feed us some humorous song titles from the intro track Catastrophic Sobriety to the properly fitting Nostrils Engage. They are the complete package for anyone wishing to have their ears put to death.
Rating: 8/10 Ape Unit Horsebastard You can buy this split thru Grey Water Collective

split Truth Of All Death / Phyllomedusa is out now at Sonic Bath Records and Recording!

News from Fermentative band!

The "craneos y visceras" is out! Drop your questions to the Fermentative!

Split Tools Of The Trade / Demisor is almost out!

This split will be out at Basement records

Reissue of the last Lymphatic Phlegm album!

The "Show-Off Cadavers - The Anatomy Of Self Display" will be re-released on CD (with some bonus songs) by Brazilian Black Hole productions and on LP by Swiss Goatgrind Records. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Out now at Bones Brigade records!

split tape Metastasis/Vomitoma is out!

New Human Atrocity Ep will be out thru Lymphatic Sexual Orgy Records!

Grindfather won`t to stop!

En Negacion – s/t (Knochentapes)

Argentina is still an unknown country for me, I'm still not familiar with their scene (shame on me). But it seems that German Knochentapes know that, so they put this tape in the promo package. En Negacion is a bass violence band, they are based in beautiful Buenos Aires. Except the bass and drum players these amigos have 2 free singers (pretty insane huh?). They have been active around 3 or 4 years and in that time they've recorded and released a lot of stuff. Today I`ll be listening their self titled work…

First of all I want to say that I really love the way this bass guitar sounds. It sound pretty clear, I mean there is not any distorted mess… It's heavy and has some punk spirit. Vocals and drums are good too… But the whole material is not catchy, it's not brilliant but from other side I can’t say that these 4 minutes are bad. This music has all the poverviolence/hardcore standards. It sounds good but, there is nothing new and this work doesn’t stand out from the army of other new pv bands. The last song is a cover song of legendary Crossed Out. And I must admit, this sounds very tight.

Rating: 7/10    En Negacion bc    En Negacion fb

You can order this tape thru Knochentapes

There is first look at new Su19b album. More info soon!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Split tape New York Against The Belzebu / Rezeegtnuk is out!

This split is limited to 50 numbered copies and available in several different colors. So send your orders/questions etc. to Sick Phoque Records!

Chepang – Dadhelo

So it finally happened. One of the strangest, experimental and noisy bands of the present just released their first full album! They called their own music “immigrindcore” (I guess it`s because they are from Nepal). And I agree with that because these grind maniacs are growing and growing and their music has become more chaotic. Their noises can’t be tagged just like simple grindcore, this beautiful mess stands out from usual meaning of that genre. These guys don’t hesitate to use many elements of deferent extreme genres (which is really cool). For this album our Nepalese friends have recorded 14 songs thanks to Developing Nations Assistant Engineer Yave Rust. The Dadhelo was engineered and mixed by Kevin Bernsten; final mastering was made by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise). And this gorgeous art was drawn by Dib Gurung (badass artist from Nepal). Sir Dib depicted an ancient god of death - Kal Bhairaab. And that creature certainly looks very angry. Also I want to draw your attention to another artwork which is inside. This woman is from Chepang tribe, some of poorest people in Nepal (now we all know how they look).
During listening of this album I felt myself inside of big explosion… there were so many small and sharp audio pieces which were swarming around me. So like you already understand this album is a fun mix with lots of schizophrenic guitar riffs and blast beats. By the way these kinds of vocal (I`m refering to the high screams and low yelling) is perfectly fit in the whole picture of music destruction. A distinct feature of this band is the fact that they using two drummers at the same time and this trick makes their music sound much more aggressive and more intense. I really don’t know how that works in a live act but on this record that double drumming sounds so tight! Anybody who likes unusual, chaotic and intense will like this LP. Rating: 8.5/10 Chepang bc Chepang fb

Traffic Death is preparing a new album!

The LP will be named “Dead End” and will be released very soon thru Sump Pump records. 

Some future releases from Grindfather prod!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The "Rock N' Roll Abortion" is out!

Thirty nine rectum-ruining blasts from Kentucky's premier distillers of expertly-crafted hard rock sodomy. A masterwork of morbid immaturity and horrendous ear slaughter. This brutal blend of blitzkrieg speed punk, massive nutsack 70's rock and neanderthal scum metal makes for the ultimate in vomit-inducing death. Bite down hard and swallow the afterbirth for Satan. You can buy this LP thru Backwoods Butcher records

Headless Death - A Hideous Warning (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Wow, I can’t believe my eyes… One of the most disorganized bands (in Australia for sure) finally released their first full length album! I know that they had recorded almost all parts more than 2 years ago (pretty huge delay isn’t it?) but the final mixing was made only now. That`s pretty suck, but I`m truly happy that this recording wasn`t lost in time. Before putting this CD into my player I want to check the visual part of this release. A Hideous Warning has two covers. First, a choked moron (with a garbage bag on this head) and the second one is monstrous black & white collage (that rotten Iguana looks fantastic!). You can choose which one you want to show to your mother, haha! And now, it's time to dig deeply into these noises. First of all I can honestly say that these songs are impressive. The whole album is like a 20 ton primitive beast! Violent, barbarian, extremely aggressive… A Hideous Warning is some really strong work. The whole sound of this album is soaked with ancient mold and rot. I can clearly feel influences of old grind bands such as Repulsion and Terrorizer. The sound of the guitar is so heavy and low, also it has a tiny taste of death metal. The same can be said about bass and drums, there is not any hint for modern things. This album has a great heavy and dark atmosphere; you will really feel it in the end of the album... These guys managed to create something really rad with only a few simple riffs. Hm, that is insane, how can this small piece of plastic cause the most primitive feelings (I really felt how the anger fills my veins)? I have a super strong feeling that this album will fall in top 10 grind albums of the year!

Rating: 8.5/10      Headless Death bc 

You can buy this album thru RSR/Hate Ape records!