Thursday, May 24, 2018

Huge portion of badass merch!

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Split tour of Psychoneurosis and Perpetual!

It is with a deep sadness that we bring you this post. A friend,musician,and Grindcore enthusiast has left us. Fred Paulus is gone but, never forgotten. We would like to send our deepest condolences to all of his bandmates and his family. Rest in Grind Dear Brother...

Debut tape of Cyclopean Blood Temple is out!

You can check the whole ep right here!

Violent Apes Fest 3!

Sound attack from Australia! Don`t miss the shows in your town!

Moronic - Recipes for Disaster

You all know how Germans love to play heavy, simple and aggressive, right? That country gave rise to so many great death, thrash and grind bands. Of course that process is still running, I found a lot of good new names with Moronic among them. Why Moronic? This band attracted my attention with its primitive style Deathgrind. Their debut album “Recipes for Disaster” has literally punched my face, haha! The visual side of this sound piece might not be so perfect. I found it a bit boring, this art did not hook me. But this creature still looks nice. This album is a great example of the Deathgrind genre, in “Recipes for Disaster” time-tested tunes are mixed with a few modern things (like heavy clear sound). The album is dominated by blazing blast sections, frantic, explosive massive riffs, and throat-ripping vocals. I like that these guys used all their skills: Speed is rather important in general, but mid-paced structures are used as well. The drumming is full of variation and the barbaric vocal attacks are awesome, both guitar players are good and able to perform decent leads. Short heavy samples and beats are sometimes incorporated (like in the song “Grind The Crowd“). Each song is almost always dismally heavy, especially during mid tempo parts. Most of them are dense with Death Metal riffs, but I found some touches of punky stuff (check out “New Age Pharisees”). Maybe it's hard to believe this debut work can be so cool, but this is obvious because Moronic is compiled of guys who are playing heavy stuff for a lot of years now. Most of them have grey hair, hehe. PS: I was pretty impressed with Moronic`s performance and this got me to wait for more of their releases. Rating: 8/10 Moronic fb Moronic bc

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fistula and Grime are going to old land!

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Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

This noise released by Vleesklak Records (Belgium), Grindfather Productions (UK/Poland), AxRxL (Germany), Zas Autoprodizione (Italy), Punti Scena Records (Italy) & Haunted Hotel Records (USA)

Misery Index is going to Europe!

Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Driller Killer - Fuck The World / Reality Bites
Driller Killer - And The Winner Is... / Cold, Cheap And Disconnected

Driller Killer - Total Fucking Hate / Brutalize 

Sulfuric Cautery / General Nausea - split tape 

Huge discography of Fetal Deformity is out now at Thoracopagus Rec!

Insomnia Isterica - Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages

My old friends from Insomnia Isterica finally released a discography! Finally we're able to enjoy the noise without switching all 7 eps on our turntables, ha! The “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages” was realized on CD and cassette. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the tape, so with this write up I will cover the release from Grindfather Prod. Funny thing, this cassette looks like it's pro made (by a factory) but I definitely know that this is a diy release. Recording and all prints were made by punk hands, and that is impressive. But, all this talk makes no sense if you're hearing this name for the first time. So who is Insomnia Isterica? It's unbelievably simple! This band is just a bunch of good friends who are stuck deep in punk and grind stuff. They are making raw and gritty as fuck noise. One of the best things in their music is an aggressive punk base. These guys believe in their music, so that's why it sounds so pure and energetic. Most of the songs sound very fun and groovy. You could easily mosh and head bang to this loud music. On this tape you will hear an awesome fusion of buzzing grind guitar and aggressive yealing, sloppy blast/polka beats and much more! The vocals are very punk/mince influenced while the musical structures are so barbaric and simple, most of them are based on a crust punk/grindcore sound. "Nebbia" is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. And of course I like that raw heavy drumming, it sounds like it’s thudding around inside your skull haha! This is not a "fashion" Grind release. Its primal and raw. But if you want to hear something wild and honest, go ahead and check “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages”! Rating: 8/10 Insomnia Isterica fb

If you want to support this band you can order this tape directly from them or you can get it thru Grindfather prod (UK)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Split LP Stimulant / Water Torture is out now!

Water Torture makes a return with one last transmission on a schizophrenic split LP with their current musical incarnation, Stimulant. One side spins at 33RPM and the other at 45RPM, two distinct voices spewed from the same scarred psyches.

After experimental powerviolence bass pummelers Water Torture unceremoniously disbanded after releasing their first and only full length, 2014’s “Pillbox” followed by a European tour, and an appearance at Maryland Deathfest with a scant shows along the East Coast, 2/3’s of the crew bunkered down in Brooklyn to emerge in the form of Stimulant. A more twisted, paranoiac and uh, speedier version of their former selves, the Stimulant debut delved deeper into the psychoactive mind state of the current non-reality of the modern stage. Not quite finished with their former mission, both entities have endeavored in the dissociative form of a split release with themselves.

This LP released by Nerve Altar rec

Split Cystoblastosis / Back Alley Lobotomy is finally out!

More info at Alternative Record Label (Germany)

New tape from KickxAssxViolence is out!

Old School Grind/Power Violence from Quebec! FFO: Dahmer, Carcass, Terrorizer, etc. This tape released by Rotten N Rancid Records 

Wojczech / Krupskaya

There is a strange thing with this split. I looked at this image a lot of times, but my brain refused to define this picture as cover art for grindcore release, haha! First what I thought was “oh boy this is, probably a new SunO))) album”, but I didn't find the right logo. Indeed, this piece of art is pretty unusual for most grindcore acts, but if you check out the discography of Krupskaya you will find a strong visual connection with their previous works. Edgar Tumpkin (the drummer of Krupskaya) is in charge of all this dark madness. I must say he did a great job for this German vs UK split. Germans are the first who start the noise… Wojczech is an old and well known band (especially in Europe), they started more than 20 year ago (fantastic isn't it?). Well I noticed one strange thing with these songs. All of them were recorded 8 years ago, and they were used for this, lovely black vinyl. All 3 songs are damn good. These Germans poured Sludge, Metal and some Punk elements into a huge Grindcore base. I must admit, the mix sounds pretty nasty and tasty. Loud blast beats, good vocal line, song structures are pretty simple (but they could kill). The bass is loud and follows the guitars riffs and even has a few good stand-outs. Also there is small drop of sad tunes in the last bullet “Stunde Des Wolfes”, and this song has more metal taste, but i like it. Krupskaya is a very specific band from the UK. These guys really found their own way in noise. Truly fast aggression is mixing with slow melanholik parts… Sharp guitar sound with good tone and buzzing bass are blended with high screaming vocal and blasting drums. That sound mess is totally sick, even schizophrenic, but at the same time impressive. This band has one more feature - the deep atmosphere, just check the last track “Frozen Bodies Against The Wire” and you will understand what I mean. All noisey,chaotic, avant-garde tunes and crazy broken tempos in these songs make Krupskaya stand out from the average Grind band. Rating: 8/10 Krupskaya Wojczech

First look at Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader split!

more info soon, stay tuned!